Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY paint swatch portrait

A long time ago I posted my favorite DIY projects and one of them was this modern wall art with paint swatches. When buying paint for my room a while ago I stocked up on quite a few paint swatches myself.
I really liked these since they were bigger (which made it a little less time consuming) and had cool names on them. I used an old frame which I had lying around and spray painted it white.

Then it was time to position the swatches which took quite a while as I wanted the perfect color combinations (ofcourse I did..). To make them fit I cut them a little. I used double sided tape to stick them on the piece of cardboard which came with the frame. Finally I put the frame around it and I was done!
I really like the result. It is a nice pop of color on my white wall.

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