Friday, October 4, 2013

Latte art

Recently I started working as a bartender at a big cafe/restaurant. It has an easygoing atmosphere and cool industrial look as the cafe is situated at the old light factory of Phillips in Eindhoven.
Being a bartender I have to 'make' all the drinks, which in most cases means grabbing the right bottle (which is not as easy as it sounds when 10 more orders are waiting..).
Making coffees however requires some serious skills. Especially frothing the milk for the cappucino's and latte machiato's to create the perfect thickness is essential for thier quality as well as for the creation of what is called 'latte art'. 
Latte art is created by pouring the frothed milk into the cup while moving in specific directions. This way beautiful hearts, flowers or even swans can be created. 
I must say the first time I saw my collegue make a heart it didn't seem that difficult. Yet after many attempts past weeks I rarely succeed in making a nice heart or flower. 
So respect to all the baristas out there who just like that draw onto your coffee!
I guess I still need a lot of practice but hopefully I will get there one day ;)

(even though this wasn't created by just pouring the milk, I couldn't not post it :p )

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