Saturday, February 4, 2012

a warm welcome

On a day like this, when the streets are covered with crisp white snow and myself wrapped in not the most charming but definitely the warmest piece of clothing in my closet, what better thing to do than to write my very first blogpost.

I welcome you to my blog.
For me this blog is a space to collect things that inspire me, show things that I make and probably random things that I just want to share.
I love all sorts of design. Industrial design (what I study myself), fashion and textile design and graphic design are things that I am interested in. Actually in every form of art or design I can find inspiration and that I will show on my blog.
Being creative in my spare time is something I really enjoy but I find myself not doing this enough. This blog will motivate me to do it more often so I can proudly share my creations with you.

I hope you enjoy my blog, keep visiting and maybe even be inspired.
And don’t hesitate to leave a response because just like industrial design, a blog becomes much more interesting when there is interaction with the user ; )

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